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'Freak The Mighty' Play
[Available Free of Charge as a PDF File, See Below]

The Mighty Over the last few years several schools have asked my permission to stage a version of 'Freak The Mighty'. Once or twice it was a play based on the screenplay of the movie, a portion of which was published in a Scholastic magazine without any editorial input from me. Other times students or teachers have worked directly from the book, staging scenes and borrowing dialogue as they saw fit.

I granted permission in those cases because I had no alternative to offer them. That is, a play of my own, written by the author, and based on the novel, not on the screenplay. For years I'd been threatening to write a play version but somehow never got around to it. Then in the spring of 2001, my friend Stephanie Voss Nugent asked if I would be interested in developing 'Freak The Mighty' for a children's theater workshop production she was producing.

I enthusiastically set out to write a one-act version of the story. When, alas, budget constraints cancelled the children's theater workshop, my old friend Scott Weintraub, the actor and drama teacher, promised that if the one-act play could be expanded the into a suitable, stageable two-act version, he would premiere it at the Crossroads Academy of Arts & Sciences in Santa Monica in December, 2001, with an all-student cast.

Writing for me is usually a lonely activity, whether it be novels, screenplays, or stage plays. But my experience writing the play versions of 'Freak The Mighty' was quite different. I attended rehearsals at various stages of the production and was therefore able to see, with Scott's help, what scenes needed improvement and what lines of dialogue need to be tweaked. When the play was performed before a live audience (who seemed to respond with genuine enthusiasm) I made a few more changes, slightly lengthening a couple of key scenes.

After the last performance at Crossroads Academy my agent submitted the play to well-known publisher of plays. They eventually expressed a sincere lack of interest, and therefore the play - in both one-act and two-act versions- is available free of charge upon request. There is no charge for performance or for class readings of the material.

Here's the deal: send me an email address and I'll send you the printable PDF file, simple as that.