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Listening to Kids in America

How A Middle-aged Author Discovered the Meaning of Life in Letters From Kids

“Dear Mr. Philbrick, Why did you decide to become a writer for kids? Did you apply for other jobs but couldn’t get them?” Nelveena J., age 12

Rodman Philbrick was the award-winning author of more than fifteen detective and suspense novels when, inspired by the lives of a couple of kids in his neighborhood, he decided to write a story for young adults. ‘Freak The Mighty’ has been read by millions of school children and was adapted into a feature film, ‘The Mighty’.

When an editor suggested that writing for kids would change his life, the hard-boiled detective writer scoffed. And then the letters began to arrive. You’ll laugh (guaranteed) you’ll cry (maybe, if you’re slicing onions), but most of all you’ll be amazed by what the kids had to say, and how it changed the author’s life.

Rodman Philbrick’s latest novel, ‘The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P.Figg’ won a Newbery Honor in 2010.

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